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Welcome to WorkoutLA Boxing!

If you’re interested in learning more about our boxing classes, you’re in the right place.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am, we have a specially designed boxing class coached by certified boxing coach Coach Scott.

Our boxing classes are designed to help you achieve the strongest version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

It’s not about fighting or being violent, but about using boxing as an outstanding way to burn fat, build muscle, and overall athleticism.

In a 1-hour boxing session, you get the benefits of building strength in your stabilizer muscles, strengthening your joints, knees, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs, and building better balance and hand-eye coordination. Boxing is also an excellent stress reliever.

Unlike other bootcamp studios, we focus on teaching you the proper way to throw a jab, hook, and uppercut, as well as the proper stance and boxing movement.

You’ll also learn how to block and avoid punches with bobbing and weaving, pivoting, and angles.

During our boxing classes, we punch boxing bags, pads, sticks, and gloves, but we will never punch each other.

If you don’t have boxing gloves or jump ropes, no worries, we have them available for you to borrow.

Just remember to bring your yoga mat for abs, stretching, and water.

We know that boxing can seem intimidating, but it’s suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

If you’re interested in learning more or trying out our boxing class, come join us on Tuesday or Thursday at 7am.